Administrative Proceedings

It is rare indeed that a company will transact business for very long without eventually being audited and/or investigated by a government agency. It is equally rare, though, for the company to have done anything wrong. When the government comes knocking on your door, it usually has broad authority and very few checks or balances. Despite what the agency representative says, you and/or your company have a right to be represented by counsel.


The lawyers at Johnson Sparks aid clients dealing with government investigators/auditors, including IRS and local tax agents and auditors, and fend off formal claims or charges against the company and its owners. Similarly, if the agency or commission does decide to initiate proceedings to impose civil fines or other penalties, we will advocate for you and, ideally, establish nonliability. Administrative agencies are governed by often complex statutes and regulations, and you need an attorney who is as attentive to you as he is to detail so that you can keep doing business while knowing your interests are being safeguarded.

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