Construction Law

Schedules. Pay applications. Partial lien waivers. Contracts and subcontracts identifying your scope of work. Managing subs. Liquidated delay damages. When you're busy building, a cloud of risk surrounds you at every turn. Having situational awareness of what's going on at the jobsite and in your office is crucial to staying afloat. Most players in the construction industry have had to litigate before. We help you defend against whatever claims are being made and show that you did nothing short of high quality, timely work.


Johnson Sparks stands with you as together we pursue your claims against the owner or general contractor who is holding out on releasing your final payment (or all of your payment). Having represented contractors large and small, we have the case experience to help you recover what's rightfully owed. Outside of the courtroom, we help you clean up your field and office procedures to ensure you get paid - timely - for the work you do.


If need be, you may have to claim a lien against the property at which you provided labor and/or materials. Claiming a lien in Texas requires attention to very nuanced details, abidance by strict deadlines, and notice to the owner and/or general contractor. We'll work to assure you get paid by those who hired.

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