Probate and Estate Administration

In life, we create the legacy by which we will be remembered through our interactions, our passions, and our dealings with friends, family, business partners, and countless others. Even so, when someone passes away, his or her estate must still be distributed either in accordance with his or her estate planning documents, or else in accordance with the descent and distribution scheme established by the Texas legislature in the Texas Estates Code. At Johnson Sparks, we bring a three-tiered approach to helping clients:


  1. Empathy - almost always, the decedent (person who has died) was a close relative or friend, and we understand that having to handle that person's estate after their death can be emotionally draining after an already difficult time. We approach every case with empathy and compassion in the hope that we can be a part of the healing process, not a hindrance to it.

  2. Pragmatism - in keeping with being empathic, it is important to us to take the most efficient, practical path toward managing a decedent's estate based on the law and that person's last will, if there is one.

  3. Cost-Efficiency - we know that hiring an attorney can be a daunting and expensive process. In the realm of probate and estate administration, the cost often times comes unexpectedly. As a result of that knowledge, and the two considerations above, we pride ourselves on transparency and professionalism in helping clients accomplish their goals and duties without being the cause of additional stress.


If you've been called on to help manage or administer a love-one's or friend's estate, call on us to help you through the process.

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